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Don’t Want to Go it Alone? Meetup Can Help!

Source: Meetup

Source: Meetup

Alright, so you’re ready to make a difference.  You know you want to help people, and you want to volunteer your time, but what organization is best?  Also, what if you can’t talk any of your friends or family members into coming with you?  It can be daunting to show up to any organization alone, not knowing anything about how your new volunteer position works as you try to help.  Going with a group can make the experience more fun, more memorable, and best of all – that means more hands for whichever charity you guys are helping that day! is a great tool that many people all over Houston use to find like-minded individuals to form groups for events, hang outs, similar hobbies, or even to do volunteer work.

One great group in Houston that has been doing volunteer work together since 2007 called the PASS IT ON Charity Organization began on Meetup.  They have events scheduled all the time, and believe in helping people to bring about good karma for everyone.  You can use the group to meet tons of new folks in Houston who care just as much as you do and will help you find your niche in volunteering.

Source: Meetup, The Houston Crochet Group

Source: Meetup, The Houston Crochet Group

There are also groups that are dedicated to working for specific charity organizations on Meetup, so if you would like a more permanent volunteer option within a smaller group, this option may be a right fit for you.  Some women crochet blankets and other small items for charities, so crafty people may want to jump on board and practice their hobby with others, while still doing something special for the recipients of the donations.

You can search Meetup for specifics, or just do general volunteering or charity searches to find the group that fits best for you.  It’s easy to use, with a built in calendar that you can save events too, and a super simple search function.


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