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Archive | March, 2014

A Reason To Smile

In Case You Need A Reason To Smile Today! Sometimes we forget how much a simple compliment can really mean to someone else. In an effort to remind people of the old-fashioned days before social media, YouTube sensation Yousef Saleh Erakat (or FouseyTube, to his 1 million subscribers) gave random women roses and a compliment just make their day. His random acts of […]

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Join The Bubby Walk for Down Syndrome 2014

Bubby’s Friends Foundation is a non-profit organization that was started in 2011 to honor and a man named Vincent Paul “Bubby” Orlando Jr., Bubby had Down syndrome, and suffered from many other medical issues. However this did not stop him from being an inspiration to his family, who in turn are committed to bettering the […]

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