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Digital Fundraising is on the rise

Sometimes when you want to do good in the world, the opportunities just aren’t there like they used to be. While there are still ways to get involved with non-profit organizations through street fairs, art and craft sales, neighborhood canvassing or donating time or money at galas, times have changed. Digital fundraising is increasingly popular among nonprofits as a way to increase donations, and it’s no wonder why.

When volunteer and donation opportunities are posted online, the potential audience increases significantly. That said, with more of a presence on the internet, nonprofits can maximize fundraising efforts. In fact, for every 1,000 people visiting a nonprofit’s website, digital fundraising attracts $612. That’s pretty good!

Plus, research shows that nearly one-third of all donations to nonprofits stem from peer-to-peer fundraising. That’s when you get to be involved by telling your friends about the great cause.

Give Your Nonprofit a Boost!

So how can you help your favorite nonprofit organizations succeed in the digital age?

  • Forward their emails to friends. If the nonprofit sends out emails, simply forward them on to friends, family members or coworkers who you think would be interested in the cause.
  • Like and share. It seems like everybody is on social media these days. Your favorite nonprofits probably are, too. Like their posts and share their media to help expand their audience.

Using the power of technology can help you spread the word about a worthy cause!

Find volunteers or raise money with the power of technology!

Find volunteers or raise money with the power of technology!


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