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Houstonians Give The National Head Start Association A Boost

All over the world, children are encouraged to get an education for success. In October of 2013, as the country struggled to handle the federal government shutdown, Laura and John Arnold, philanthropists residing in Houston, gave $10-million to the National Head Start Association.

In a statement, the Arnold’s said their reason for the gift was straight forward, “We believe that it is especially unfair that young children from underprivileged communities and working families pay the price for the legislature’s collective failures.” They hoped that their donation could allow the children benefiting from this program to continue participating.

Head Start assists with schooling, health and social services to children in need, and the Arnold’s were concerned that the government shutdown would mean the end of the program, so they donated the sum to aid until the shutdown ended.

While the Houstonians do have a foundation of their own, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, which supports nonprofits and programs that work to improve the education and criminal-justice systems, the donation was a personal contribution.

Via: The Chronicle of Philanthropy

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