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One Houston Couple’s Big Contributions to Texas Children’s

Texas Children’s Hospital receives many kind donations every year, including annual donations from donors to help the hospital be the best it can possibly be. Two of these notable donors are Lester and Sue Smith, who give a large donation every year to support Texas Children’s Hospital and the children battling for their lives.

The Smiths have been making multi-million dollar donations to Houston health institutions for many years and have kept the tradition going this year. The extremely generous Houston philanthropists’ recent donation helped renovate the children’s cancer center.

As a great way to show their appreciation, Texas Children’s Hospital has named the new state-of-the-art cancer center after Lester and Sue Smith for their great generosity over the years. In the past three years alone, the Smiths chaired galas that benefitted the Texas Children’s cancer center and matched every dollar that was raised donating a total of $41 million.

The dedication of the new center was a huge success with the mayor of Houston and governor of Texas in attendance. There was also a reading of personal letters from George H. W. Bush and Robert Duvall thanking the couple for their incredible donations. Houstonians Lester and Sue Smith are a perfect example of incredibly kind people doing anything they can to make a difference. Lester describes the reasoning behind his generosity as he believes “anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”

Via: Houston Culture Map

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