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Our Houston Police Officers Are Relay Riding for The Cure!


Source: News 92 FM

This upcoming week, 40 Houston police officers intend to arrest blood cancers and get them off the streets! Each officer raised $5,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) just to participate on the 33rd Annual Houston Police Bicycle Relay Team.

Starting June 17th, the relay team will be cycling 2,000 miles from Discovery Green in the heart of Houston, to Tacoma, Washington. There will be a van that accompanies the team to help fight against dehydration, fatigue, and provide snacks and water during breaks. The riders will also take turns in relay fashion to avoid exhaustion. Each officer will wear dog tags with a cancer patient or survivor’s name to motivate and inspire them.

The importance of donating to LLS is that blood cancer research has really been at the forefront of technology. Leukemia researchers were the first to innovate stem cell transplants, radiation therapy chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, transfusions, and radiation therapy — all of which were funded by donations to the LLS. Amazingly, so far the contributions given to the Houston Police Relay Team over the years already totals more than $5.5 million dollars!

You can help by donating to a rider or the team as a whole! What inspires you to go farther for a cause you are passionate about?

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