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The Texas Freedom Run for Love146

Source: Texas Freedom Run, Jason Arcemont

Source: Texas Freedom Run, Jason Arcemont

Jason Arcemont is just a regular guy from Spring, Texas.  He enjoys running, attending church with his family, and growing his business, where he specializes in corporate marketing and branding.

However, while attending church with family, just another day in Jason’s life became a day of inspiration to truly step up for a great cause. Love146, an international human rights organization that works tirelessly to end child trafficking and exploitation, shared with Jason’s congregation the horrors it battles. Suddenly, a passion was sparked.

Upon finding out that his own hometown of Houston was a major hub for child trafficking, the dedicated father of 4 was absolutely horrified at the idea that this could ever happen to children as young as his own.  He knew that he could use his passion for running to create an impact bigger than just one marathon to raise money for Love146. He decided that running over 30 marathons in just 30 days all across the state of Texas would be his contribution. Jason is calling his endeavor the Texas Freedom Run, wherein he will run 850 miles and stop in major cities along his route to start a grassroots movement dedicated to the major issue of child trafficking.

According to Your Houston News, over 300,000 children are enslaved for various means in the United States alone, making up a $9.5 billion industry of human trafficking.  Love146 is dedicated to ending child trafficking through survivor care, education, and empowerment.  They want nothing less than to entirely abolish the exploitation of children around the world.

So far, the Texas Freedom Run has raised over $200,000 for Love146 to use in education and prevention.  Jason will also be making many more people in along Interstate 10, the trafficking route most predators use, more aware of the growing problem of child trafficking and exploitation.  He will leave behind him a trail of people educated and passionate to work towards ending this unspeakable crime against our nation’s youth.

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