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Extra Life: A Different Kind of Marathon

Extra Life: A Different Kind of Marathon

Source: Extra Life

Not everyone can be a distance runner. However, for those who are more interested in gaming than physical exercise, there is still a marathon they can participate in.

Whether it be video games, tabletop, card games or even lawn sports, for one Saturday out of the year since 2008, all gamers get together for a special cause: to save the lives of children.

Extra Life gives these people the opportunity to do what they love for a great cause.  Gamers join Extra Life and get their own page where they can direct people for donations.  Then on the day of the event, the participants commit to doing a “marathon” of gaming.  Because of time changes, that means 25 straight hours of playing games with friends or even solo, or at least attempting to do so! Gamers have the ability to game from home for their marathon, or join community events held by groups in major cities.

The event has raised more than $8 million thanks to groups and individuals signing up through the Children’s Miracle Network of hospitals.  $4 million alone was raised in 2013!

This year Extra Life will be held on Saturday, October 25, 2014 beginning at 8am  (with room for flexibility if needed), and you can game from home!

The annual event began as a way to honor a young girl named Victoria Enmon, or Tori as she liked to be called.  Tori met a man named Doc, from right here in Houston, who ran a site called Sarcastic Gamer.  Doc was inspired by Tori’s battle against acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and after her tragic passing in 2008, Doc asked his friends and partners if they would be interested in doing a gaming marathon in her honor.  They raised funds in the community totaling $302,000 and donated all of the proceeds to the hospital that helped Tori, Texas Children’s Hospital.

Extra Life has gathered momentum through sites that cater to the gaming community and teams have popped up devoted to their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital all over the United States and Puerto Rico. Be sure to check out local groups doing Extra Life in your city to see if there is a live event. You can make a donation at the door or volunteer your time to help the gaming marathon run smoothly!

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