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Keep Your Project On Track With GiveIt100!


For most people, setting a goal is easy. Reaching it can be difficult, as the possibility of becoming unmotivated is common. This is where Giveit100 comes in, giving you the opportunity to capture moments every day as your work toward an accomplishment.

Giveit100 co-founder, 26-year old Karen Cheng became a YouTube sensation with more than 3 million views and received hundreds of emails, as people from all around the world watched her year long journey to learn how to dance.  This in turn inspired the video-based site in which users can set a goal for themselves and see their progress over time.

The site focuses more on the journey of doing something you are passionate about. You’ll get to upload a 10 second video everyday from your smartphone or laptop for 100 days, and then get a full minute when you reach the 100th day with the option to commit finish out the year. Since change happens gradually, you’ll be able to see how far you’ve come when you look back at all your videos.

While there is a privacy option, users can follow others and offer words of support, especially if they are working toward the same goal. Currently, users can take on up to 3 projects a day.

Some projects that other members have committed themselves to include, taking the stairs, learning to play the guitar, lucid dream training, drawing, exercising, taking up latte art, and even writing something they love about their spouse. One woman even credits the site for giving her the motivation to learn how to walk again after multiple sclerosis left her paralyzed from the neck down and she couldn’t afford physical therapy.

Whether you spend 5 minutes or 1 hour every day on your new project, Giveit100 is the perfect tool for people who want to make a change or learn a new skill. Anything is possible as long as you stay consistent. What new project would you like to take on?

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