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Navajo Teen Builds Sun Powered Ovens for Her Community

Raquel Redshirt grew up in New Mexico’s Navajo community and consistently witnessed loved ones struggle, as they were unable to use stoves or appliances. Many in her community often went without electricity because they simply could not afford it. As reported by White Wolf Pack, Raquel decided to harness something everyone in the high desert could access, the easily available power of the sun.

She studied solar ovens and researched how to best recreate one with inexpensive materials that could be easily found in the surrounding area, like aluminum foil instead of mirrors to direct the sunlight. She wanted to create a solar oven that could be seamlessly duplicated for her neighbors. Amazingly, not only was she successful but, she also won the Intel ISEF award for her incredible achievements.

Raquel is still perfecting her solar oven, and she hopes to attend college and become an environmental engineer so she can continue to provide for her community and the world! We hope Raquel’s story motivates you to get creative about improving your city or town! What inspires you to make changes and help others?

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