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Young Girl Invents Cup for Her Grandfather With Parkinson’s

It is very difficult to watch someone you love struggle through health problems, but one little girl is proving that where there is imagination, there are no limits on how to help.

When 11-year old Lily Born noticed that her grandfather, who has Parkinson’s disease, had a hard time drinking from regular cups and frequently spilled his drinks, she was inspired to make his days easier. This resulted in Lily designing him a special plastic cup with 3 legs that wouldn’t tip over and he could comfortably hold. Then, after seeing her Dad spilling his coffee on his laptop, she gifted him with a ceramic version of her grandfather’s cup.

Lily’s Dad realized just how great of inventor his daughter was and together they traveled to China and found supporters to bring the Kangaroo Cup to life. This special mug beats out the competition as it has a more stable base, is stack-able, doesn’t require the use of a coaster and it is splash-resistant when you are on the move!

For as little as $10, you can pre-order your ceramic cup today and be reminded that dreams can become reality with the power of imagination and hard work. With the help of donations on Kickstarter, a durable, plastic version of the Kangaroo cup will soon be available for kids and adults. If you are clumsy with your morning coffee, give Lily’s cup try for spill-free mornings!

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