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Help Pratham USA Give Children the Power of Reading!

Pratham USA

Source: Pratham USA

Make sure that no child gets left behind worldwide with Pratham USA. This wonderful non-profit organization originally began in a poor area of Mumbai, India,  in 1994, where it was originally called the Public Charitable Trust. It was recognized by the Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, UNICEF, and many high-ranking citizens in the country for to helping to establish worldwide literacy.

The group started small, working in pre-schools in the Mumbai slums before eventually having a place in nearly every city in India. Progress and evolution were keys to the organization, as they would soon establish, “bridge classes,” to help educate out-of-school children and bring them to minimum learning level to be transitioned back into mainstream schools.

The big national breakthrough came in between 1999 and 2001, where the organization expanded to cover 19 cities with their models of work.  Their Learn to Read program proves that reading improvements can be made in a very short amount of time.

The Houston chapter is a great place to volunteer to ensure that all children have a chance to be successful and well-educated. You may also get involved by donations, fundraisers, and participating in special events such as their read-a-thon, which encourages reading while receiving donations.

Knowledge is power! Help provide a boost to those in need through the power of words. Visit the Pratham USA Houston chapter for more information and get started changing the world one child at a time!

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