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Fitzgerald’s Benefit Series: Raising Money for Local Students

Attending a concert in the name of charity makes giving back that much more fun!

In the second of their series of benefit shows, Fitzgerald’s invited a variety of bands to perform cover sets of their favorite bands to raise money for the kids of Jefferson Davis High school.

Houstonia Magazine reports that the October event consisted of various local Houston bands playing cover some of their greatest influences in music to better our community. Fitzgerald’s matched the ticket price of $10 at the door and all proceeds of the show went toward the Jefferson High school’s music programs. Their goal was lofty, at $10,000, but with the recent success from their last benefit show in March, in which the proceeds were donated to Be the Match, they were sure they could surpass it.

The choice of a high school music program as the beneficiary was an easy one for organizer Jagi Katial, as he believes that music in schools gives kids an opportunity to explore art.  Music programs are known to help kids in math as well, so they are more beneficial than just introducing children to the arts.

The artists performing gave a nod to the bands they find highly influential to their music, while Fitzgerald’s got an opportunity to give back to their community. The show was fun, with local Houston artists such as Children of Pop (performing as Madonna), thelastplaceyoulook, Grand Old Grizzly, and Ishi performing as some of the rock greats in history including Genesis, Tom Petty, and David Bowie.

This was a fun event from local artists that put a lot of money in the hands of kids to inspire creativity and teach them about music and the arts. Fitzgerald’s Benefit Concerts are certainly a great idea, and we hope to see many more of them  to give back to our Houston community!

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