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Gallery Furniture Gifts the Teachers of Sealy Jr. High School

Teachers work hard to educate and mentor their students, while still taking care of their own lives and duties. I think we can all agree they deserve a nice space for themselves inside their workplace where they can go to catch up with one another, take a small break, and generally relax.

Earlier this year, Gallery Furniture asked Houston residents and outlying areas to nominate their favorite schools and deserving teachers to win a brand new teacher’s lounge makeover full comfortable furnishings for them to rejuvenate during the day.

According to The Sealy News, Sealy Junior High School was one of the lucky recipients of this wonderful gift from Gallery Furniture, and they received more than they ever thought possible!

They packed up and stored the old plastic card tables that had been in used in their old teacher’s lounge and made room for the two beautiful wood tables Gallery Furniture provided.  Sealy Junior High School also received two buffet stands, 8 new chairs and 8 stools for seating.  For the upstairs lounge, which was quite a bit smaller, they were given a brand new, plush sofa and loveseat to relax on. Overall, the school received $10,000 in brand new furniture, a gift that the teachers will cherish for many years to come.

For Gallery Furniture owner Jim “Mattress Mack”McIngvale, seeing the photos of the nominated teacher’s lounges was hard to believe. “Teachers are one of the most valuable assets of our community and Gallery Furniture believes that they deserve a comfortable place to spend their break time. We feel honored to help,” he said in an interview with The Sealy News.

Mack understands the importance of not only giving back to the community, but giving back to those who shape our children and therefore, the future. The furniture store is giving a grand total of $200,000 in teacher’s lounge makeovers with $10,000 being given to 20 schools. Sealy Junior High was in the first group of recipients and Mack plans on scheduling out more giveaways each month for the next 4 months.

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