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Gallery Furniture Rewards Houston Hero With New Furniture

In keeping with tradition, Gallery Furniture is spending this holiday season rewarding deserving individuals with the gift of a house full of new furniture.

Nominated by their friends, family and neighbors, recipients aren’t even notified until the truck is ready to deliver their brand new furniture into the home, so they get the surprise of a lifetime when they see the iconic Gallery Furniture “TODAY” trucks rolling up to their homes.

Earlier this week, Hurt Porter received his Christmas gift early! As an amazing U.S. Marine Corps veteran who suffered from PTSD, Hurt and his son had gone through some tough times recently.

According to CW39 NewsFix, instead of letting his disorder get the best of him, Hurt decided to do something about it. He focused on following in his parent’s footsteps and giving back to the community by helping other veterans in Houston out. He ran seminars to help them get on their feet, gave financially and talked openly about his own struggles with PTSD.¬† Now, he just wants to grow and become a better person so he and his son can have the life they need.

Gallery Furniture stepped in and gave Porter a leg up by providing all new furniture for their home to show Hurt that the community supports him, his efforts and wants to thank him this Holiday season.  Turning things around within their home will certainly help Hurt and his son have a more comfortable life as they serve our community and veterans in our city.

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