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Single Mother of 4 Receives the Gift of Gallery Furniture

Source: KHOU

Source: KHOU

As Gallery Furniture’s 2014 Christmas Giveaway continues, it’s exciting time for many families in need in our community. The holidays aren’t always the happiest time for some people, but Houston’s own Mattress Mack has aimed to change that for more than 30 years with this amazing tradition.

For 30 lucky Houstonians this year, Gallery Furniture will be turning their Christmas around by delivering a brand new whole house of furniture. This could be the exact help struggling families need in order to live comfortably and enjoy this Christmas. And for Jackie Pomar, it was a gift from God and provided her 4 children with the beds they so desperately needed.

According to, Jackie’s son was diagnosed with emotional disabilities, which played a huge role in her family being evicted from their apartment home. As if that didn’t make their life hard enough, Jackie lost her job shortly thereafter. Still trying her best to take care of her children, her family was forced to live out of a truck in a Wal-Mart parking lot, surviving by eating the free samples provided inside of the store. With a little help, eventually Jackie found a job, and a small home she could rent. However, the whole family was without any furniture except a lone television and a Christmas tree to celebrate the holidays.

Jackie’s cousin nominated her in Gallery Furniture’s Christmas Giveaway, and Jackie was among those chosen, along with military hero Hurt Porter. Gallery Furniture brought her family the beds they desperately needed, a full family room’s worth of furniture so they could comfortably enjoy their Christmas tree.

Houston is certainly grateful that Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale goes out of his way to brighten the holidays of so many families and take care of those in need.  We wish Jackie’s family the best and are on the lookout for more Christmas Giveaway recipients!

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