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Gift of Life Wish Gets Fulfilled by Doctors For a ‘Great Kid’

Gift of Life Wish Gets Fulfilled by Doctors For a ‘Great Kid’

Source: Imgur

Last month, a dying child’s last wish came true and touched millions of people around the world. 11-year-old Liang Yaoyi from Shenzhen, China begged his parents to allow him to give the gift of life to others by becoming an organ donor before he died from a brain tumor in June says The Huffington Post.

Pictured above in the photo that created a firestorm on Reddit and other media outlets, are the doctors paying honor to Liang, the little boy who will continue to give although he is no longer with us. His mother is shown crying in the background.

Diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 9, Liang had dreams of becoming a rocket scientist after a book about great inventions inspired him. While many young students may not fully understand the full actions of becoming an organ donor, Liang had his heart set on convincing his parents to allow him to, “be alive in another way,” during his last days as CCTV shared.

“I have seen many people doing good deeds and I think they are great. I want to be a great child too,” Liang said according to China Daily.

Shanghai Daily reports that the Liang may have been inspired to give back in such a grand way by stories from a school textbook, including one about a man who donates bone marrow and other called “Immortal Eyes.”

The 5th grader had his wishes fulfilled as his liver and kidney were both successfully transplanted to save the lives of others this past Friday. There are no limits on what great deeds you can do for someone else as Liang’s story demonstrates.  At a time when Liang had the right to think of himself, all he wanted was to give to others. We say that Liang was more than a great kid, he was an outstanding hero.

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