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Giving the Gift of a Regular Day

How far do you think a random act of kindness can go? When two friends decided that they wanted to make someone’s day by simply being kind, their random act of kindness found Michael, a homeless man living in the downtown area of St. Louis, Missouri.

Austin McBroom, a basketball player at St. Louis University and his friend Blake Carelli spent a full day with Michael that included taking him to KFC for lunch, to a barbershop for a fresh cut and a shopping trip to H&M for clothing. They got an opportunity learn what’s it’s like to be homeless, while also giving Michael hope.

Michael revealed that he hadn’t eaten in almost a week, as he receives only about $4 a day from begging. He had also been wearing the same clothes for years, so his new clothes were greatly appreciated.

Though Blake and Austin weren’t able to completely solve Michael’s homelessness, they were able to easily give someone in need a day they’ll never forget, a regular day that so many of us take for granted.

Via: Yahoo’s The Good News

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