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The Love of a Blind Deer Named Dillie

Dillie, the blind deer, was born on a deer farm in 2005, and abandoned by her mother to take care of her stronger siblings. When the dying fawn was bought into Melanie Butera’s emergency vet clinic, their lives were both changed forever.

Melanie and her husband Steve brought the weak fawn back to their home for continued treatment and fell in love with the gentle animal. Dillie soon had her own room and a place at the table. She even had her own webcam installed, and that’s when Dillie’s popularity really took off. Melanie received countless letters from people across the world thanking her and Dillie for spreading joy, hope and love.

But it was Melanie, who was diagnosed with stage four endometrial cancer, and found the most inspiration from Dillie. The two were together through it all, but Melanie is now in remission, and believes she owes her life to her incredible companion.

True friends come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Keep your heart open to receive the love, joy and support that someone out there is ready to unselfishly give you to. All of us of special and it’s stories like this one that demonstrate how true bonds can be found at the most unexpected times.

Via: National Geographic

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