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Healthy Snack Company Encourages Kindness Every Day!

Known for encouraging people to be kind to their body and taste buds, KIND snacks proves their kindness is so much more. This business leads by example by actions of giving and generosity, instead of focusing all on profit.

The company’s KIND Causes program last donates $10,000 to one great cause each month. Any person with an idea for a cause or organization can enter the contest by answering what they want to do, how they’ll spend the $10,000, and what they hope their impact will be.

Winners are chosen by votes of people who believe in their cause, but the trick is that to vote that person must vote with a kind act for someone else or themselves, such as working out, thanking a police officer, or having a family bike ride. After voting, the cause can easily be shared from their social media accounts to gain more votes for the cause.

Using their platform as the company continues to grow, KIND has also started the KIND Movement, a way to inspire to others to perform random act of kindness, no matter how big or small. Using the hashtag “#kindawesome,” KIND has shared individual acts of kindness from their “kindaholics,” as well as impacted hundreds of thousands of people through the campaign around the world.

The pay it forward movement is truly incredible! Remember that by brightening someone else’s day, you have increased the chance that they’ll do something nice for the next person. Small acts of kindness can change the world and KIND is committed to inspiring global impact. What small act of kindness really makes your day?

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