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Houston Heights Students Help Give the Gift of Education

Source: The Leader News, Harvard Elementary Principal Kevin Beringer with Raiza Jan (left) and Elizabeth Suneby (center)

Source: The Leader News, Harvard Elementary Principal Kevin Beringer with Raiza Jan (left) and Elizabeth Suneby (center)

Not everyone around the world has access to stellar education. In fact, in some parts children aren’t able to receive any type of education due to a lack of schools, government prevention, and a lack of educators in their area. So what can we do to help when we are thousands of miles of way? Part of the answer may lie in inspiring the next generation to get involved while also gaining a new appreciate for their own education.

According to The Leader News, Harvard Elementary School hosted author Elizabeth Suneby and Razia Jan over the holiday season to spread awareness to their students about the difficulties other students their age are facing.

Jan was named a Top 10 CNN Hero in 2012 for her work in founding the Zubuli Education Center in Afghanistan, a school which provides a free education to 350 Afghan girls who otherwise would not have access to it. She also founded the Raiza’s Ray of Hope Foundation as a way to bring educational opportunities to women and girls in the country as well. Suneby, then, wrote a children’s book based on Jan, titled “Razia’s Ray of Hope – One Girl’s Dream of an Education”, bringing the story of these girls to children around the world.

They both came to Harvard to speak with the children about the difference in their education compared to children in Afghanistan. The presentation included photos, videos and information on everyday challenges the students face. The Harvard students were also invited to take part in a discussion about education all around the globe.

Suneby’s goal is to “get more kids at an early age to understand that not everyone gets the same rights to an education and get them to speak up…”  By bringing Razia’s story to them via an award winning book for their reading level she hopes that, “…perhaps the next generation would prevent that from happening.

To help, Click 2 Houston tell us that Harvard is raising money using their International Baccalaureate program, with an action project that encourages their students to participate in community service programs as well as those abroad. Students were excited to participate by selling bracelets, requesting direct donations, and hosting a read-a-thon. All of the proceeds will buy supplies to help keep Jan’s school open in Afghanistan.

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