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Houston Residents Support Their Neighbor Battling Cancer

Chairs For Charlie

Source: BoltBuzz

It’s always amazing to see an entire neighborhood come together and support one of their fellow residents when things aren’t going too well. A man by the name of Charlie George lives in the Houston neighborhood of Garden Oaks and can appreciate now more than ever what a great decision it was to make it his home out of the many neighborhoods Houston has to choose from.

64-year-old Charlie has recently been diagnosed with leukemia and his fellow community has decided to come together to help their neighbor in any way they can. Neighbors have come to know and love Charlie as they easily recognize his friendly smile when he is out walking his dogs around the neighborhood on a daily basis. Unfortunately, since he is now battling leukemia he has trouble walking his dogs, but his neighbors decided to make it easier for him to continue one of his favorite activities.

One neighbor in particular, Shellye Arnold, emailed the residents along his route and asked if they could help Charlie and of course everyone was there to support him. Their project is called “chairs for Charlie,” in which neighbors have put lawn chairs out in their yards so wherever and whenever Charlie needs to rest, he is able to.

Chairs line the street along Charlie’s walking route offer a peace place for him to rest so he can remain strong and beat his leukemia. The chairs also stand as a symbol of Garden Oak’s incredible strength, unity, and support of Charlie George’s battle for his life.

Via: ABC 13 News

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