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Nelson Mandela Honored Through Charitable Acts

Nelson Mandela Honored Through Charitable Acts

Source: VOA News

Last month a tremendous amount of love and support was shown in honoring a man who changed the world, Nelson Mandela. Friday July 18th marked what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 96th birthday and South Africans have found an extraordinary way to remember the death of their former leader. The entire country mourned the death of an African icon but they also wanted to venerate his life and give thanks for everything he’s done in his lifetime.

CTV News reported Nelson Mandela Day to be a successful one of tributes. The citizens of South Africa thought they could show their appreciation for his 67 years of public service by spending 67 minutes helping others in their community. Whether they volunteered in nearby orphanages, picked up litter or donated clothes and food to the less fortunate, the day marked a day of giving back.

South African President Jacob Zuma said Mandela taught his country’s citizens to work together to “build their beautiful country” and this day filled with acts of kindness was a remarkable way for an entire country to show their appreciation to a man who truly changed the world. Remember someone you love by paying forward in kindness toward someone else.


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