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Shop For Goods That Do Good!

Shop For Goods That Do Good!

Source: DoGoodBuyUs

What if those new sunglasses you just bought also helped support a great cause? That’s exactly what happens when you shop online at DoGoodBuyUs, a place where you can find cool products that were made by charities.

The unique fundraising website was founded by Zack Rosenberg in 2011 after purchasing a box of cereal that would give a substantial amount of the proceeds to charity organizations. His purchase may him feel so great that he did his research and decided to make it easy for purchases to have a direct impact for charity.

Every single item on DoGoodBuyUs is directly linked to incredible organizations involved with worthwhile causes such as world hunger, women’s rights, education and environmental issues. You can feel at ease knowing that at least 50% of the money you spend on each item you fall in love with is directly helping to make changes in the world.

The catalog features neat jewelry, trendy purses, candles, clothing and so much more! Plus, items are made in a socially and environmental responsible way. You literally can’t go wrong as you help change the world through every dollar you spend.  Take a look around the website for your next gift that will keep on giving!

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