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Passports with a Purpose: Travel Bloggers Giving Back

Source: Trekaroo

Source: Trekaroo

Many young adults graduating high school and college wish to see the world and experience other cultures. And the internet is making travel easy as well, connecting all of us from around the world together through websites such as and numerous travel blogs. We can see why travel is so alluring.

In 2008, four travel bloggers felt the need to get together and raise money to support the communities they’d spent time learning from as well as receiving hospitality. The result was Passports with Purpose.

Every year, Passport with Purpose selects a charity from around the world is to raise money for and inspire the travel blogging community.

In their first year alone, they raised $7,400 for Heifer International, an organization striving to end world hunger and poverty. The next year they had a meager goal of $14,000 to help build a school in Cambodia, but thanks to the generosity of their readers and friends, they raised a whopping $30,000. Just last year, $25,000 was raised for Sustainable Harvest International (SHI) to help support 5 families in Honduras for 5 years, creating a strong community of leaders to protect the rainforest, while overcoming poverty and empower their neighbors.

You can sign up to be a donor on their website to donate directly, or you can follow specific travel bloggers that are participating in the drive. Bloggers will also be giving away special prizes for donations, so you may even win something big! This is an amazing cause born out of what began, for many, as a hobby and a passion, and has turned into helping others and compassion for people all around the world.

Also, if you are a traveler and a blogger, you can offer prizes and accept donations from your readers as well to help support Passports with a Purpose – simply check out their website for more information, and you’ll be on your way to impacting the world one community at a time.


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