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Humble Bundle: Connecting Gamers and Charities

Video games aren’t typically associated with charitable giving by any means, but Humble Bundle is changing that scenario.

Working mostly through word of mouth (I heard about it from a clerk at a video game store who suggested I check it out if for the cheap games), Humble Bundle sells packages of mostly indie games and films from small developers for a “name your own price” fee.  A portion of the sale price, which can be set lower or higher by the purchaser, goes directly to charity.

However, most bundle opportunities, as well as 10% of their store proceeds, goes to the Child’s Play Organization, which aims to bring game systems and happiness to sick children in hospitals worldwide.

Visit the site to view the group of games offered that week, or shop anytime in their store. With the bundles, you are offered a sliding scale so you get to determine not only how much you pay, but you get to delegate much of your money goes to the developers, Humble Bundle itself, or to the charity associated with the purchase.

Humble Bundle also works alongside the Able Gamers, which helps people with disabilities enjoy video games and video game culture as well as the American Red Cross. If you want to donate money to charity while getting a great deal on popular new titles in the gaming industry check out the newest Humble Bundle and name your own price, you are in control of where your money goes!

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