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Because I Said I Would, Helping Others Keep Promises

All too often we forget the power of a promise.  When you commit to being there for someone, doing something, or not doing something even, you have to make a promise to yourself or someone else. When you make that pledge and follow through,  not only is it a sign of respect, but  you can also gain someone’s trust as you prove your reliability and integrity.

Because I Said I Would is a non-profit social movement that gives away free promise cards in order to better humanity.  They are encouraging acts of kindness and positive change by giving people a physical reminder of their promise.  So far, they have successfully distributed 1,275,000 cards to people in over 105 different countries.

Alex Sheen started Because I Said I Would after his father passed away from small cell lung cancer in 2012. He was always impressed throughout his lifetime that his father would keep his promises and at his father’s funeral, handed out promise cards. The promise cards are simple blank cards that you can sign up to receive on the website that each say “because I said I would” on the bottom.  You can use it to promise your child that you’ll make it to a certain event, or to a loved one that you’ll quit smoking.  Anything can be written on these cards! Alex believes that if you have a physical reminder of your promise that you are more likely to keep it.

Once you request your cards online, you will receive 10 promise cards for free in the mail.  You can also print your own cards from home or the office. Join this amazing social movement and make a promise you intend to keep today.

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