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Sandy Hook Family Spreads Kindness Across the U.S

After the Sandy Hook tragedy that shook the nation, Newtown, CT has remained strong and determined to overcome the catastrophe. One family in particular has helped the community rebuild by founding a non-profit organization to inspire good deeds and spread love throughout the country.

The Carlson family was personally affected by the Sandy Hook shooting as their young daughter lost her best friend, Charlotte Bacon and they wanted to show their support of the lost lives by founding a non-profit organization in her honor. With a simple goal of teaching children to be kind to one another by perform random acts of kindness, the Newtown Kindness Organization is aiming to reach the entire United States as it continues to rapidly grow in a short amount of time.

As way to promote kindness, children are recognized at an annual Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Awards ceremony for doing good deeds such as teaching others how to be kind and volunteering. The organization also gives away free children’s books through their Kindness Bucket program, provides free lemonade kits with their Charlotte’s Lemonade Stand program that promotes acts of kindness, and has a Charlotte Litter program, which breeds and gives away therapy dogs to children affected by the Sandy Hook shooting. Many other programs and great deeds being conducted by the Newton Kindness Organization in order give more people a chance to get involved as well as be cared for.

This generous family took this horrible tragedy and turned it into a teaching opportunity to show everyone that a little kindness can go a long way.

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