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Three Houstonians Begin Their Ride Across Rwanda Today!

It’s always great to hear of people going above and beyond to help others, especially in a unique way. Three generous Houstonians are biking across Rwanda to spread awareness for the genocide that has plagued the country. Starting today, June 18, through June 22, Heights residents David Chaney, Ron Kerr and Fred Kapalac will be biking for the approximately 1 million people killed in 1994, nearly 20 years ago.

The gentlemen shared their stories with the Houston Chronicle last week and they are all remarkable people. Chaney has been volunteering with African charities since 2008, lending aid to countries like Uganda and Kenya. However, his real passion is volunteering his accounting expertise for The Survivor Fund, an organization that supports survivors of the Rwanda genocide. He’s now a trustee of the fund.

It was his idea to take the 200-mile bike ride from the Congo border side of Rwanda to Tanzanian border, and his close friends Kerr and Kapalac were moved by the cause and happy to join in. The team will ride through rigorous terrain and be accompanied by a porter, guide and support vehicle with a trailer.

Approximately $30,000 has been raised for The Survivors Fund and your donation would still be greatly appreciated. You may also get updates on how our Houstonians are doing on their journey on the Ride For The Survivors web page. When you are truly passionate for a cause, there’s no measure on the good you can do for the world! What are you passionate about?

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