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Spread Random Acts of Kindness with Promise Monsters

Source: Geek Dad

Source: Geek Dad

Promise Monsters begin with just a simple monster drawing by one of Michael and Erin’s children that hung in their office in 2010.  The Indiana-native couple from realized after months that this monster was just too awesome to hide from the world and decided to share him!  They grabbed up all the monsters their kids had drawn recently, drew them on cards and wrote small, kind messages on them.  To spread kindness and encouragement, the couple randomly hid monsters everywhere–banks, restaurants, parks and even video stores!

Random strangers found their cards and began to write to the family about how much they enjoyed that bit of positivity in their day.  So Erin, Michael and their 5 kids suddenly had a mission to spread even more of their special monsters through stickers, posters, and all sorts of specialized kindness “missions” that came with each monster.

Source: Kickstarter

Source: Kickstarter

Today, they have turned their kid’s crazy drawings into actual plush monsters you can purchase on their website.  Each monster comes with a kindness mission that has been tested by the very same kiddos who drew the monster!  You and your kids complete the mission, brighten someone’s day, and then return to the website to share pictures of you completing the act and the family will mail you and your family a special reward.  Each monster is designed and sewn in a local shop in Indianapolis, Indiana and the whole project was crowd-funded through Kickstarter.

This is such a fantastic way to teach kids so much about love and kindness in the world. They will enjoy seeing the positive effect their mission has on other people, enjoy their new plushy friend, and they get positive feedback in the form of rewards for their act. Start spreading kindness through these magical monsters today!

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