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Carrie Severson: Taking a Leap of Faith

Source: Severson Sisters, Carrie Severson

Source: Severson Sisters, Carrie Severson

Sometimes stepping out on faith is all we need. Recently, I was reading The Huffington Post and came across an article by Carrie Severson, sharing her experience from being burned out to enjoying the passion of her new found work.

Severson had a fantastic job, with a 401k and some savings, but she never felt what she was doing was quite right for her.  She asked God for guidance because she felt that she was meant to do more with her life. One day, He spoke to her and she realized her mission was to become a light, a leader for girls everywhere.  Within days, she was let go from her job due to layoffs and it was time for her to take a leap of faith, however scary, and follow the path she was meant to be on.

In 2011, a couple of days after being laid off, Severson he founded the Severson Sisters, a group that empowers girls, with only her savings and her 401k.  The mission of her non-profit was to help girls ‘Connect to their Inner Super Girl’ and teach them that they were amazing and anything was possible.  The success of Severson Sisters was surprising as she continued to believe in herself, work hard and let it all work out.

Severson went on to receive national recognition for her work, being featured in Sally Hansen’s ‘Best of You’ in New York and even as a major story in Glamour magazine.  Severson Sisters became the first group to graduate from the AAAME (APS Academy for the Advancement of Small, Minority- and Women-Owned Enterprises) program.  In 2013, she was in the Top 50 Power Women issue of New Made Revolution Magazine and was recently selected by USA Network as one of the 2013 “Characters Unite” award winners.

From being unsure about her future, going through losing her job and having almost nothing, to being wildly successful with a non-profit that focused on exactly what she needed: confidence in her abilities, Severson’s story in itself is an inspiration.  Taking the leap of faith helped her change her life and realize what she was meant to do, as well as helped so many other girls in her community learn that they, too, have the ability to be pillars of their community and achieve their goals.

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