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Can Our Thoughts Influence the Environment?

Can Our Thoughts Influence the Environment?

The surprising answer is yes; our thoughts may be able to influence our environment!  Some recent experiments conducted by Japanese alternative healer Dr. Masaru Emoto have shown that positive thinking may have a real physical effect on the world around us.

According to Higher Perspective, Dr. Emoto placed rice and water in 3 separate jars and every day he gave one jar a positive affirmation (“Thank you”), one jar a negative insult (“You’re an idiot”), and ignored the third.  After only 1 short month, the positive rice fermented and gave off a delightful aroma, while the negative rice blackened and molded.  And what of the rice that was ignored? Well,  it began to rot and become disgusting.

This experiment has shown that maybe our thoughts and actions do have a lasting effect on our environment.  What do you think would happen to 3 different children who were given these same reactions daily?  It wouldn’t take long for the children to become wildly different because of their outside stimuli.

Some people are claiming that there could be different variables in play and perhaps affirmations and insults aren’t the only things taking part in shaping our reality.  Sure, you can be skeptical of the exact science, but think about this – would you rather be a positive person or a negative one?  According to Dr. Ozodi Osuji, the people around us can feel our energy and mood. So in that aspect, even if it can’t be exactly scientifically proven, you could say that being a “glass half full” person would make you more pleasant to be around, enriching the lives of others around you as well as generally mold your outlook into that of positivity over time.

The moral of the story here is – be positive! Your positivity can be contagious, and imagine if everyone around you were always positive, that is a cycle I wouldn’t want to get out of for sure! Remember your perception of anything changes the way others view it as well. Once you have created that reality for yourself and you can let go of the negative.  You make your own world and choose how to view it! For 6 tips to separate perception from reality, visit Live Bold & Bloom!

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