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One Man’s Journey to Raise Awareness for Homelessness

Sometimes the best way to give back to look at your past struggles you’ve overcome and then use it a resource and motivation to help others.

37-year-old Jason McComb understands the plight of homeless people very well.  According to the Journal Pioneer, Jason was homeless for almost 10 years on and off throughout the last 20 years his life. His mother left him while he was still in high school and at the age of 17, his stepfather put him out on the streets. Jason found solace on his friend’s couches, but it was only temporary. Once he had worn out his welcome,  he began sleeping wherever he could find shelter.

Jason found himself alone fighting alcoholism and mental illness, as he would later be diagnosed with manic depressive disorder. He would intentionally get arrested because homelessness was far worse than the accommodations jail offered.  Through his struggle of living without a home, Jason learned that not every person who is living on the streets gets there the same way, but every person needs help to get out of the cycle.  From the darkness he experience, Jason launched an initiative called Homeless Happens Helping Hands to hand out donated items to homeless people.

To help others and raise awareness that homelessness can happen to anyone, Jason began a trek across all of Canada on foot, with just his backpack.  The journey began in April of this year, and as of this month, he is still traveling across the expansive country on foot. He has become an amazing advocate for a group of people that typically do not have a voice and is educating many people on the way they can provide a helping hand.

You never know who will be inspired by your story, don’t be afraid to share it. Get involved with a cause you are passionate about in your community to make a positive impact on so many people in need.

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