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Using TED Talks to Break Your Slump

Do you feel uninspired achieve greater things or unhappy about something in your life? We all go through periods in our lives where we aren’t excited to get out of bed, go to work, or create anymore.  Even some of the greatest achievers in the world will tell you that they have lost motivation or interest from time to time.

TED has just the solution for you or anyone else seeking a little pep talk. The non-profit foundation began as a conference in 1984, where major industry professionals in the fields of technology, entertainment and design came together, trading knowledge and ideas among themselves for the betterment of their communities.

Now, TED has speakers on almost every subject in over 100 languages, including global issues, the arts, science and business. Talks are never more than about 20 minutes, delivering quick inspiration to get you going.

Some noteworthy TED Talks include:

Matt Cutts dares you to try something new for just 30 days.  Try taking up a new hobby, a good habit, or even commit to NOT doing something for one month.  He posits that you may be holding yourself back by simply not trying something new, and how easy it can be to change your life by trying new things.

In this spectacular talk, Arianna Huffington shares how sleep directly affects productivity and success in just a few short minutes. We definitely recommend tuning into this one and taking her advice.

If you don’t know deep down what makes you feel good about your work, how can you know what path will lead you to the utmost happiness?  Behavioral economist Dan Ariely presents you with two experiments that reveal some possibly unknown or much nuanced attitudes toward finding meaning in your own work.

TED is a great way to soak up knowledge and invigorate yourself, boosting your happiness, health and success.  There are TED, TEDx, Ted Ed and TED TV program and talks on almost anything you’re interested in learning about.  You can watch them on Youtube, Netflix, or even attend a live TEDx event near you.  Find the motivation and inspiration you need to accomplish your dreams today!

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