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Give the Gift of Life, Donate Plasma!

Often called the “gift of life,” plasma can often be the case between life and death for many patients all around the world. These patients require plasma protein therapies to treat their chronic conditions, giving them a longer, healthier and better quality of life.

According Donating Plasma, your plasma would be used to for bleeding disorders, immune disorders, emphysema, trauma wounds, surgical needs, burns, dialysis, rabies and to treat many other chronic conditions.

Your first donation normally takes around 2 hours, as you will undergo physical examination and complete a Donor History Questionnaire. During the donation, blood will be drawn and then plasma will be separated from it through a process called plasmapheresis. The remaining blood will be returned to your arm. As an added bonus, many locations are willing to give you a financial compensation or gift for your donation and time.

On the many times that I have ended up donating plasma through drives, at donation centers and randomly at the request of hospital staff, I’ve always been treated with care and well informed of what to expect. Along with the free snacks and juice, the free t-shirts and hats are a great reminder and way to say thank you from the many organizations who truly appreciate your commitment.

Your donations are more than needed and would help instantly in providing many people with saving medication. Just remember to drink plenty of fluids and eat a full meal to keep from feeling light headed before you head to a location near you to give the gift of life. Make the commit to help save a life today!

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