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Change the Course of Lives with The Women’s Home

For more than 55 years, The Women’s Home has been helping women in Houston by providing them with a chance to restore their lives. In 1957, Mrs. Laura Sampson started the home after being inspired while providing assistance to a woman in need.

Source: Houston Chronicle, Apartment in a sober community owned by The Women' class=

Source: Houston Chronicle, Apartment in a sober community owned by The Women’s Home

The non-profit organization provides housing, medical treatment, chemical dependency treatment, spiritual guidance and vocational training for up to 18 months. Women who are experiencing a crisis can expect to have an opportunity to rejoin society with dignity and a self-esteem boost. The Women’s Home is the only agency in Texas that has been welcomed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to help identify the best ways to provide sober living facilities and treatment to homeless women.

Source: The Women' class=

Source: The Women’s Home, The Cottage Shop

With a goal to assist as many women as possible, The Women’s Home can definitely use your help! Lend a hand with fundraisers, events, administrative support and personal enrichment classes. Help is also welcomed at The Women’s Home boutique, the Cottage Shop, where residents gain job training while raising more funds for the non-profit organization to continue to impact lives. Stock shelves, sort through inventory and offer words of encouragement along the way.

The Women’s Home is helping the homeless prepare for a better future and you can be a significant part of making that happen!


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