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Karbach Crafts Special Brew Honoring the Fallen Four

Source: Houston Chronicle

Source: Houston Chronicle, Robert Bebee, Matthew Renaud, Robert Garner and Anne Sullivan lost their lives in Houston fire

At the beginning of summer 2013, a 5 alarm fire broke out at a motel in Southwest Houston, spilling thick smoke across a nearby freeway.  First responders on the scene entered the building, and in a shocking turn of events, were trapped inside the building when the roof collapsed. It was on that day that the Houston Fire Department experienced it’s most deadly day in its 170 year history. In the aftermath of this terrible event, the Robert Garner Firefighter Foundation began.

The charity was established in the name of one of the victims of the fire’s honor in order to continue his dream of becoming a firefighter.  They provide scholarships to allow future firefighters to attend local academies.  Through contributions from the community, they hope to keep the memory of Garner and his passion for the job and commitment to service alive for many years to come.

Source: Beer Pulse

Source: Beer Pulse

Karbach became involved with the foundation through hosting a major event for them, raising almost $20,000 from attendees.  Karbach Brewing Company is the nation’s fastest growing craft brewery, located right here in Houston, Texas.  They remain very involved in the community and rely mostly on word of mouth for their advertising, which has quickly catapulted their fame throughout the state of Texas in just a few short years.

After the huge charity event at Karbach the owners decided to come together with the Robert Garner Firefighter Foundation and produce a beer whose proceeds would go directly to the foundation.  As it turns out, the foundation was actually hatched over a beer, so the idea to create one in memory of the fallen is even more appropriate.  They named the beer “Station 68”, the station where Robert Garner and Ann Sullivan, another victim of the fire, were assigned.

So if you’re out in the Houston area soon, have a Station 68 from Karbach and raise your glass to the men and women of the Houston Fire Department who laid down their lives in order to protect all of us.

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