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Create Life-Changing Moments with House of Charity!

Founded in 1997 by Hashmut Effendi, House of Charity is a non-profit organization based in Texas that works hard to positively impact the lives of families through various programs. Volunteers have contributed to helping, healing and providing hope in a number of ways to hundreds of people and counting!

Recognized by CNN and the Wall Street Journal, the non-profit organization brings teams of volunteers, and medical and surgical health professionals together with underprivileged children and young adults in need of cleft lip and burn surgeries, orthopedic and hand surgeries and/or burn scar reconstruction, of which is provided free of charge. These medical missions have already changed the lives of many in Pakistan, Bolivia, Shimla, Vietnam and the list is still growing.

One of House of Charity’s biggest programs is called the Healing Home. It not only helps to provide medical care to children in need of surgery for severe burns, congenital birth deformities and traumatic accidents, but gives them a comfortable place to rest during their stay for surgery. Mental support, education, transportation, and physical therapy is also providing thanks to donations, with some patients needing to stay for more than a year.

However, House of Charity isn’t done yet! Volunteers also help run programs that give teachers and students necessary school supplies and equipment, give those in need free materials to repair their homes, provide homeless people in our community with hygiene packs and blankets, empower women, feed hungry families and so much more!

Effendi has been called the “Mother Teresa of Our Time,” and you are invited to be a part of the life-changing opportunities that House of Charity provides. Enjoy a summer internship learning from the best, teach English to students at the Healing Home, coach extracurricular activities or volunteer your professional medical services for free!

Get started today by heading over to the website to learn even more about this amazing non-profit organization and fill out a Volunteer Registration Form! They’ll be happy to have you!

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