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Tab for a Cause: Give Back While You Browse

Advertisements seem to be everywhere these days, becoming a common sight as we surf the internet. You open a news article and you are instantly hit with eerily specific ads tailored to your browsing history at every turn, on every sidebar.

We expect them, we live with them, but one group turns those annoying ads around and uses them to their advantage. Tab for a Cause flips the script by taking half of the revenue received from companies for advising on their New Tab webpages, and donates it to partnering charities. The non-profit organization has historically donated more than 90% of their proceeds.

Do you check Pinterest while you Facebook, or obsessively open multiple tabs as you stumble upon great article leads on your favorite website? Every tab you open provides between 1/10 and 1/3 of a cent toward charity.

This may not sound like a lot, but think about how many different tabs you open during a single browsing session. Now multiply that by 365 days out of the year, factoring in mobile surfing and your laptop sessions, and you’ve suddenly raised hundreds of dollars for a great cause!

There is no need to get up and run a 5k, ask your family and friends for donations, or do anything outside of your normal browsing activity. Simply download their New Tab app. As far as the ads, they are the standard banner advertisements that show up for every new tab you open, nothing that you aren’t already used to seeing everywhere else as you surf the net, and you’re not obligated to click any of those.

Tab for a Cause also uses a visual incentive system to encourage you to open more tabs and invite your friends to install the app called Hearts, it is also their “currency” within the app.  You collect Hearts for opening tabs and referring friends, leveling up every time you reach a certain number with the opportunity to donate to a charity of your choice. Its users get to vote on where the money goes based on which charities receive the most hearts, dividing the money equally to the winners.

So get out there and well stay home and surf the internet! Install Tabs for a Cause today and start giving back!


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