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Help Our Community with Your Passion for Photography

Are you interested in photography?  Would you like to spread your love with others in your community through creativity?  Then The Houston Center for Photography could definitely use your passion and knowledge as you lend a hand and intern at their facility.

Much like a volunteer position, both undergraduate and graduate students work directly with the center and network with professionals in the photography community, as well as gain practical and hands-on experience in their exhibitions and classes.  The Houston Center for Photography has an exhibition gallery that is completely free to the public to help spark that same enthusiasm in others.  They also offer over 300 photography classes and workshops year-round.

Interning will provide the center with the extra set of hands that is always needed, but is also an interesting and great way to get your foot in the door of this vibrant and supportive community. Although if you can’t be an intern just yet, you can volunteer to the center prepare for their huge events all year around by sending an email to Alex Irvine requesting to be added to their volunteer opportunity email list:

If you are considering learning as an intern while donating your time to The Houston Center for Photography, fill out an application by clicking here. Help this amazing center continue to showcase the art of photography free of charge to our community!


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