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Help Others Enjoy Houston Public Libraries This Summer!

Are you ready to make a difference this summer? Houston Public Libraries needs volunteers! Give some of your time to our local libraries to make a great impact in the community.

Anyone over the age of 14 is welcome to volunteer with Houston public libraries to help the library deliver a variety of quality services to the 2 million residents of the Greater Houston area. You can volunteer at the main library in downtown Houston or any other 40 locations around the city.

Libraries are open 7 days a week and could use a hand every single day. Volunteer positions include research assistant, clerical assistant, bookshelver, data entry clerk and a variety of other jobs. The public library offers a flexible volunteering schedule so that you can stick to priority commitments.

It is important to consider volunteering with the Houston public library this summer because the community needs to increase educational, informational, and recreational services. With an increase in volunteers, the library can provide for the constant increase in demands of the public.

You can get just as much out of this experience as the libraries do. Volunteers can gain new skills, meet fun and interesting people, and experience the satisfaction of helping others and the Houston community. When was the last time you visited one of Houston’s public libraries?

Via: Houston Library

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