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Keep Kids Healthy With The Recipe For Success Foundation

Childhood obesity is one of most prevalent health conditions afflicting children all across America, including those right here in Houston.  A reliance on the convenience of processed food, and the hesitation to consume fresh fruits and vegetables are only a couple of the reasons why so many American children are unhealthy.

In 2005, Houstonians Gracie and Bob Cavnar knew that this issue was one that would only get worse, so they decided to do their part by launching the Recipe for Success Foundation (RFS). This foundation would aim to educate children and parents about the importance of the food that they eat starting with their Seed-to-Place Nutrition Education program, along with other initiatives.

Nine years later, the RFS has become a nationwide effort to fight childhood obesity, but still holds a strong presence in Houston.  They rely partially on volunteers to help in their home office, and to assist in conducting their programs in classrooms and at various health awareness events. No cooking skills are required, only a passion for saving the future generations of America!

To learn how you can be of help or learn more about how to fight childhood obesity, visit the link below! How do you get your children to eat healthy? We’d love to hear your tips in the comments below!

Via: Recipe For Success

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