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Hope Stone Inc. Welcomes Your Artistry!

For those who appreciate the beauty of creativity in motion, Hope Stone Inc., is the perfect place to give back. It provides outreach and support to people in the Houston area through performance art and dance.

Community dance and movement classes are provided for at-risk and underserved students, ages 6-18, for community artistic performances. A national reach has also been established by Hope Stone Inc., as it is home to Hope Stone Dance Company, a critically acclaimed professional dance company. The company is known for its amazing choreography and cutting-edge modern dance performances. It was named the “Best Dance Company” by The Houston Press, along with Hope Stone Studio being named the Best Dance Studio by Click2Houston in 2008.

Hope Stone Inc. also features the HopeWerks program, which is a great way for upcoming choreographers and performance artists to rehearse for free, giving them assistance on their artistic journey.

Donations and volunteer services are always welcome, as well as stopping by to see beautiful performances, as many services are free for the students. Sign your children up to today to be a positive influence in the community while learning the joys of self-expression through dance and art.

Via: Hope Stone Inc. 

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