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The Turning Point Center, Where Lives Are Renewed

The Turning Point Center is truly a savior for many elderly men and women who find themselves homeless without support. Founded in 1988 by Isha Salas Deselle, it was originally called, The Rehab Mission. This non-profit organization uses a variety of very helpful services to get the elderly, who may be neglected in our society, back on their feet.

Isha made a decision not many would, as she sold her home and used her life savings to buy a 34 unit apartment complex, refurbishing it so it could be used as a safe haven. For over 18 years, the Turning Point Center has been providing help to those in need, housing nearly 180 residents at any time per year in Harris County.

Residents receive clothing, meals, counseling, help with important documents, transportation and even opportunities to continue their education. They are always thankful for any help they can get with donations. Take a moment to view their Needs List in order to keep a wonderful facility open as it changes hundreds of lives. Donating items or your services is great way to give back to those in need.

Via: Turning Point Center

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