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Empower Communities With In-Powered Yoga

The foundation of yoga is based in eight steps which encourage total body awareness, as well as full control of the mind through meditation. Although yoga originated more than 5,000 years ago, the practice did not find popularity in the United States until 1960’s. Ultimately, the benefits of yoga are said to improve back pain, arthritis, depression, and other chronic conditions.

In-Powered Yoga (INP), a non-profit organization in Houston, Texas, is dedicated to delivering all of the healing benefits that yoga has to offer in places that it wouldn’t normally be available, and encourages attendees to spread all that yoga has to offer. The non-profit organization hosts a number of programs that bring yoga to juvenile detention centers, prison systems and the homeless. Currently, In-Powered Yoga offers yoga classes at The Beacon, one of Houston’s largest homeless facilities.

Through their work, In-Powered is slowly changing the perception of yoga. Despite initial unfamiliarity with the practice, INP prison volunteer Brett Alt was moved by his experience. “It was extremely qualitatively different and much more powerful than I had imagined. I’m sure that others share this fundamental miscalculation of what it’s all about and what kind of energy is cultivated in the room,” Alt said.

Share your passion for yoga with communities in need, helping them learn how to stay healthy and embrace a new coping skill during hard times. For more information about upcoming programs, retreats, and volunteer opportunities, visit the In-Powered Yoga website to begin your journey!

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