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Blend In to Stand Out, a More Beautiful You!

What do you think you need to be beautiful? Dermablend is asking that we consider who we are and that we not be afraid to share our purest form with the world, make-up free. Their Camo Confessions series on YouTube is inspiring millions to be comfortable in their own skin.

In the Camo Confession series, ordinary people from all walks of life sit in front of a camera to share their story of issues with self-esteem as they remove their make-up or “camouflage.” Some have dealt with acne, vitiligo, or use make up for self-expression; there is a video for everyone that can be related to!

In addition, for every submission to the Camo Confession series, Dermablend will make a donation to Look Good Feel Better; an organization that strives to boosts the confidence and quality of life of people who have had their appearance altered by cancer treatment.

Realizing your own inner beauty is more empowering than you think. Loving yourself, and knowing how unique you are helps to realize your full potential! What are your passions? What makes you special? We bet, whatever it is, you’re amazing! Share your talents and unique beauty with your community, and see how far it takes you!

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