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Help Save the Lives of Houston Wildlife With TWRC!

If you have always had an interest in the outdoors and wildlife animals, this is the organization for you! Houston’s first wildlife emergency wildlife rescue center, TWRC began in 1979 after an oil spill, with a permanent place in Houston in 1992. Today, the public can bring sick, injured, and abandoned animals in seven days a week for aid.

The lives of more than 100,000 wild animals of over 392 species have been saved thanks to staff and volunteers! There are a variety of volunteer opportunities, from office aids, and feeding the animals, to vet room assisting and teaching outdoor education. Once you attend an hour orientation, you’ll begin at an entry level and can continue to work into more advanced activities around TWRC.

They also have a annual and semi-annual baby squirrel and bird programs to help feed the thousands of little babies bought into the center. For more information about all the unique volunteer opportunities TWRC has available, visit the link below!

Via: TWRC Wildlife Center

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