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Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital Can Always Use A Hand!

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A notable Houston gem is the Texas Medical Center, home to some of the country’s top hospitals. One in particular, Memorial Hermann, is the best hospital in the United States for its work in cancer research.

Memorial Hermann Hospital was the first in the Medical Center and now has 12 hospitals throughout the greater Houston area. One of the specific branches, Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital has been serving the Houston community for 20 years.

A recent expansion has increased the hospital’s capacity to 240 beds, making it one of the biggest pediatric hospitals in the United States. Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital says everything they have been able to accomplish over the years is thanks to their amazing volunteers. They have a number of committed volunteers who make it their goal to bring success to the hospital for the sake of the children.

The children’s hospital always needs volunteers to help bring a smile to a patient’s face or to simply comfort a frightened child. There are numerous ways you can help out around the hospital in the simplest of ways because the staff is grateful for everything you have to offer.

There are many events that take place year round that allow you to lend a helping hand. The goal of the staff is to ensure that the experience is just as rewarding for the volunteer as it is for the patient.

This is a place to truly make a difference in someone’s life when they are in need. Volunteers come from a variety of professions, ages, and backgrounds, but they all share a common goal of helping others. If you are looking for volunteer opportunities in Houston, come spend time with the kids at Memorial Hermann to truly brighten a child’s day.

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